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Welcome to Craft Toolkit

We’re here to help you learn new skills you need to improve your craft practice.

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Whether you’re a craft maker, artisan, designer or someone who works with them, Craft Toolkit can help you to plan for the future and grow your business.

Through simple bitesize exercises you can learn all of these skills and begin your own business plan.

Identify what is valuable and important to you

Develop new product ideas

Tell the story of what you do

Calculate costs and prices

Set goals and plan ahead

Manage your money

Work out your business contacts and networks

Identify new markets or audiences

Consider how to sustain and grow your business

You can use Craft Toolkit on your own, with a partner or as part of a larger group. You can use it on a computer, tablet or mobile. Take it at your own pace and learn in the way that suits you best.

5 sections
13 simple exercises

Focus on what matters most to you and your practice by completing them in any order.

  • 5


    • 5A Purpose Setting
    • 5B Creating a Sustainable Product
    • 5C Sustainability Map
  • 4

    Managing Money

    • 4A Costing & Pricing
    • 4B Cashflow
  • 3

    Selling & Marketing

    • 3A Create Your Customers
    • 3B Telling your story
    • 3C Establishing ways of selling
  • 2

    Planning the Details

    • 2A Developing your products & services
    • 2B Getting inspiration
    • 2C Check lists for your business development
  • 1

    The Bigger Picture

    • 1A Goal Setting
    • 1B Relationship Mapping

Business Plan

As you go through the exercises we gather together all your answers into a simple business plan.

We’ve also put together an amazing list of resources and films from other makers to inform and inspire you to take your practice to the next level.

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The story of Craft Toolkit

The Digital Craft Toolkit is part of the British Council’s Crafting Futures programme. It was developed with funding from the British Council by Carol Sinclair at Applied Arts Scotland. The technical development was undertaken by Agency of None and the translation by Translators Without Borders. The ‘Sustainability module’ development, content and translation was funded by a donation from Pentland Brands.